Tuesday, January 12, 2010

One fine sunny day Fynn and I were in town and we saw some bikers riding around the Kleinen Schloßplatz. Since Fynn was very interested in BMX bikes, we stayed and watched them for a while. One biker, Michael, was particularly active, so I asked if I could take some pictures and he agreed.
The square was fairly crowded with an afternoon crowd and the sun was pouring its last rays onto the pavement past the facades of the surrounding buildings: a mall, a bank, an art gallery, a book store.

This panning shot caught a second biker in movement as if through Michael's ghosted figure.

They weren't all as graceful - or active - as the star.

Here he is skidding BACKWARDS while balancing on his bike.

Charging forward for a jump.

And try twirling your bike between your legs during a jump!

Another smooth backward slide.

And another charge.

Catching some rays, listening to some good tunes and getting some healthy exercise.

Popping a wheelie.

Und tschüs!

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