Monday, January 18, 2010

OK, OK! By popular demand: another film version of a month's worth of pictures. Even though Scott Kelby tells you not to show your bad pictures, I doubt even he would worry about flicking through his rough shots at 10 f/s. Would you?
This time we move back a month to August 2009 when we were in Richmond and Virginia Beach for nearly the entire month visiting friends and family. Above you see Ody's children, Mimi's and mine.
So here we go. Again, Franz Liszt is accompanying us with his Hungarian Rhapsody #15. Enjoy!

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  1. That was an INSANE way to look at so many pictures! It made my head spin! It was also fascinating and interesting and bizarre! So many familiar figures and events. I'm amazed that the human brain can take in so much in such quick increments and do anything with it. Wow!

    I'd love to see the pics of Dad in a slower version if you could email them to me. Thanks.