Monday, January 11, 2010

Enough snow! Let's look back a moment at some of the events of 2009. I'm going to post a couple of groupings of pictures that I think you may enjoy.
   First up is a series of pictures that I took in Wangen at the raising of the Maypole (on April 25). After the pole went up in the center of town, a small car went up in smoke. This selection features not only the men and women of the Stuttgart Fire Department but also the other photographers who graced the background of the pictures. Can you find them all?

First they check the accident victims and make sure they are OK.

Then they put a blanket over the people to protect them from breaking glass.

Now start cutting through that safety glass.

Then remove the front windshield.

Now demolish the back window while cutting the roof supports (looks like great fun).

Oops! Almost forgot about the driver and her two daughters.
How are y'all doing?

Meanwhile, up front the hosers are making sure the engine is cool enough.
Get the driver and passengers out of the car and over to the hospital.

Check her blood pressure, hold up the drip - and smile for the camera!

Up she goes into the transport mode.
(Notice the nice Maypole in the background!)
Now to get that pesky roof off!

Aaargh! Got it!

Now everybody grab a strut and let's move this baby back!

And off it goes. Let's set it down and get the girls out of the back seat.

You can come out now. The end.

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