Monday, January 18, 2010

November was a month of fall colors and long walks out in the forests. The moon called again - as it does every month! - but it was the leaves this time that really made an impression. See one of my other posts to find out what I did with all the individual pictures of the leaves.
I got another new camera, a Panasonic Lumix FZ38 (called the FZ35 in the US), which is light enough to carry around everywhere with me. It also has a video function and a good zoom (27-468mm!). The pictures can't compete with my Sony A700 when enlarged, but on the computer screen or as snapshots, it is sufficient (I hate to say). I did a lot of experimenting with the camera, of course.
We took a trip to Freiburg to see friends and the forest there was also beautiful.
In this film collection you can also see some concert footage (millimeterage? pixelage? Yeah!) of a friend's Latin band and then of the Musical Box's Trick of the Tail concert.
The kids' school had a bazaar around the Gaisburg church and we were allowed up into the tower where there were great photo ops.
November ends, as it does every year, with Thanksgiving. We do a bird and all the side dishes and desserts you would expect to see on a good ex-pat's table. Yum!

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