Thursday, March 30, 2017

Turning an idea into pictures


In the summer of 2013 my friend Alane Cameron Miles drafted me to turn into a photo essay her scourge/blessing of synesthesia. She told me that as a youngster, whenever she heard music, it made her want to eat a certain type of food. Pop lead to cravings for popcorn, Mahler - malted milk balls. Well, it wasn't exactly like that and since she has grown up the connections have faded somewhat, but the extrasensory perception made her realize how omnipresent music is in everyday life and, furthermore, how it affects us all - even those 98% of us who don't have musical synesthesia.
So she asked me if I would like to create a series of photos, in which together we would try to represent everyday scenes together with music. The original idea was to show the pictures on a screen with moving pictures, something like this:

After playing with the pictures for a couple of years and brainstorming with her about how we should exhibit the results, I returned to our original idea of the slide show. Enjoy it and please let me know what you think.
Have you ever experienced synesthesia? How would you represent the combination of two (or more) senses in a photo essay?

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