Wednesday, March 22, 2017

The beautiful Lago di Como: Kiteboarding

When the wind picks up on Lake Como, the kitesurfers (or kiteboarders) come out in droves. An app informs them where the wind is best and what it will allow them to do. Our first full day on the northeastern shore of the lake in August 2016 provided us with a spectacular wind-and-water dancefest!

Not only were the kiteboarders fun to watch, but the clouds and light were changing as quickly as the people were skittering across the waves. I don't usually like to refer to Wikipedia, but the page on kite surfing is pretty good!

At one point, my eye caught a man who seemed to be riding above the water. Upon closer inspection, it seemed he was up on a foil, which kept him above the waves and allowed him to take off and fly much easier than those without a foil. 

Without being beat about by the waves, he seemed to have more endurance than the other athletes on the water. He surfed/flew back and forth for a good hour. The other kiteboarders seemed to have enough wind to fly and do flips, too, though.

But for the most part, they seemed to require a lot more effort to fly.

The foil-rider, on the other hand, would simply give his kite a jerk and take off. It was spectacular!

Although he didn't do any flips, he did pose at the zenith of his flight.

And at a certain point, he successfully disengaged his feet and turned the board around in the air, while hanging on to his harness with the other hand.

The evening couldn't have been more exciting. The light, the sports and being there with my family and best friend made for a memorable time.

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