Monday, May 5, 2014

Light for landscapes

Sometimes - even as a street and event photographer - you drive by a landscape on your way from Point A to Point B and you just have to pull over and see what's there for your sensor to feed on. That happened to me earlier this year as I was driving back from a friend's house. The morning sun hadn't broken through the fog yet and a field freshly planted lay embedded in thick morning soup.

 After wandering around the fields for a good amount of time, I started concentrating on the details of the agricultural tools lying around.

Then I thought I'd go for the standard up-the-antenna shot while I was there. With a white sky the struts stand out even better than normal.

One last series before leaving incorporated a foreground and a simple background. I also remembered reading somewhere to try vertical shots for landscapes, too. The final images reminded me somewhat of the photographs of Mark Seawell, whose work I admire so much. If you want to see some powerful landscapes, check out his collection.

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