Sunday, May 11, 2014


Café Künstlerbund at Schloßplatz in the background
The time has come. The days lie immediately ahead of me. The Exhibition Days!
On Thursday I'll hang pictures for a group show that opens on Friday, May 16, 2014. A wide variety of artists from the German & American Artist Group will show their recent work at the Deutsch-Amerikanisches Zentrum at Charlottenplatz in Stuttgart as part of the American Days 2014.
On Sunday I'll hang pictures for an group show that opens on Thursday, May 21, in Café Künstlerbund at Schloßplatz. Six American photographers in Stuttgart will be showing their work.
And in between I'll be attending a meeting of my art group, at which we'll discuss the final plans for our happening on May 22, where we'll show some of our paintings!

Juan in his Café Babel
The last show is for one evening only at Café Babel near Olgaeck (Urbanstr. 26) in Stuttgart if you want to stop by. Members of my former writing group from the Deutsch-Amerikanisches Zentrum (James Byrnes Institut) will be reading from their latest work. We artists from the Transatlantic Art Connexions group will be showing our new 40 x 40 cm canvases. The theme of the readings and in the paintings is "Connections."

Come join us for the shows!

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