Sunday, May 13, 2012

No photos

Anyone who knows me usually sees me with my Sony Alpha hanging around my neck. It is no albatross, but sometimes it is good to take a break and live in the moment. Times like these help us see things differently and - at least for nostalgic souls like myself - yearn for the time with the camera again.
But there are also magical moments in our lives that should not be limited by framing, positioning, lighting and megapixels. These days most expectant fathers will bring a camera into the hospital's delivery room and the doctor will make sure they get a good shot of the mother and child to take home with them. What could be more special than childbirth? For a father of three, my answer is: something that comes up only once in a lifetime.
Last week I had such an experience. One of my music heroes came to visit me from Canada. He played my favorite music for me. I played his music for him. We took walks together. We oo-ed and ah-ed at the beautiful automobiles at the Mercedes Museum together. We walked through the Frühlingsfest together, taking in the evening atmosphere there. Best of all, we seemed to connect not only on a musical level but also on a personal level.
And I don't have one picture to prove it. You'll just have to believe me.


  1. I love this, and am happy you got to have this moment. Don't you wish you could actually photograph what the inside of your thoughts looked like during this visit?

  2. That's where writing comes in, Lindsey. But those are thoughts that a name would stain.

  3. You weren't recording the moments, you were living them 100%. I'm glad you enjoyed your time with him so much! :)

  4. Love the imagery!! Writing is a photograph of our thoughts!
    Martha, '81

  5. SO BRAVE! I think about this concept all the time as I am missing the moment to capture it on camera. Om!