Thursday, April 26, 2012

Up on Rubble Hill

There is a hill outside of Stuttgart where the rubble left over after the WWII bombing was piled up. The Germans call it affectionately Monte Scherbelino ("Scherbe" meaning shard, as in piece of broken stone or glass). At the top is a huge cross and a great view of most of Stuttgart and the surroundings.

 I was up there recently with the U.S. Photographers in Europe group. We always inspire each other to experiment with our camera settings to try for unusual shots. HDR is in fashion, so we try it out.

Stephen showed us a trick with steel wool and a whisk which creates a circle of sparks that looks great with a 30-second shutter speed.

Laura climbed up on the rocks to get a shot and I couldn't resist capturing her pose. It'll grace the cover of my next book.

After having a bite at the Schweinemuseum, we walked over to the Mercedes Museum and used it as a backdrop for some more light paintings.


  1. dj 014: the one with the stone in the foreground is my favorite <3

  2. That is actually a metal table showing where things are in the distance. There's a great view of the whole surroundings from up there. Have you ever been on Rubble Hill?