Sunday, December 12, 2010

The Visit

 We had a very nice visit this past weekend from friends we met in Freiburg a couple of years ago. Yesterday we went to the Christmas market and let the kids ride the little Ferris wheel, which I believe is there so that fathers can take pictures of their children as they go around eight times. Fiona and her friend Emily saw what I was up to!

What a great photo op! (All the better with three good looking kids!)

On the way home, I surrendered my camera to Fynn and Emily. What those young eyes see is unbelievable! This was Fynn's snapshot.

And this was Emily's.

Fiona caught her brother in a Klitschko fighting mood!

Sunday was a bit quieter. All three played the piano for us. 

First Emily played a Tango for us.

Then it was Fiona's turn to play her "Flohwalzer" and a couple of Christmas carols.

And finally Fynn played some songs he has been learning the past couple of weeks.

The highlight for little Emily was getting to hold and even feed Julia April. As an only child, she appreciated the fact that she could be the big sister for once. And for us it was nice having four children in the house!

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  1. Just stumbled across your site and a big thumbs up Jim. We loved the series above, lots of family emotions and you captured it beautifully.

    We will be back!