Sunday, December 5, 2010

Christmas in Stuttgart

An angel overlooks the Weihnachtsmarkt
Tomorrow is Nikolaus, the day that the (good) children get candy and presents put in their shoes. The Christmas market in Stuttgart opened on Nov. 24 and is enjoying the normal surge of visitors. It has been nice to walk through with friends and drink a Gl├╝hwein and smell and see the goodies.

Looking in the jeweler's on Calwer Strasse
Christmas is the time for giving big presents, too. No doubt this young woman and her mother don't want to leave anything to chance concerning her engagement ring.

A gallery full of religious icons opened down the street from where I work. I'll bet Christmas is the owner's big time of year. I've never seen any customers in there.

We've had a few dumpings of snow over the past two weeks. It's been sunny and clear a few of those days.

Pigeons across the street from my work. An insurance company's headquarters is on the left, a church on the right.

Steps leading down to the Feuersee near work.
Wishful thinking

When I walk the kids to school, we pass by these little gardens, each one with its own personality. In the winter the look so peaceful. The power plant in the background keeps our homes warm.

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