Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The Mystery of the Missing Cat
prickly back arches –
black cat strays too far from home
skips back just in time

Down the hill from where I live there is a row of four mailboxes at the bottom of a path that seems to have only one house at the end of it. And on these mailboxes there stood a cat - a big, black, prickly scaredy-cat. With the metallic hairs on his tail and his back sticking straight up, he seemed to me to be the epitome of the typical Halloween cat. This picture was taken two weeks after Halloween last year. Sometime in September this year, I noticed that it was no longer there. Someone had apparently knocked it off. I've put an invitation to our exhibition in the mailboxes, explaining to them that a photo of their cat is hanging in the DAZ. If they get in touch with me, I'll let them have the picture.

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