Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Hexe Lilith
 The whole magic of autumn - for Tiffany - revolves around Halloween, the evening before All Saints' Day. It was known as All Hallows' Evening and over the years was shortened to Hallowe'en. The holiday seems to be most fervently followed in the US, where some neighborhoods work up to it for months!

our leaf-thin children
scatter through the neighborhood
yelling “Trick or treat?”
The past several years - ever since our kids could dress up in costumes - we've gone trick-or-treating around the neighborhood. Last year we covered a big round through our old stomping grounds in Gaisburg. It seems that the teenagers there have also heard of Halloween. Several were spotted throwing eggs and sacks of flour at cars and houses. That's not the type of tradition I want to see develop here in Germany!
Otherwise, we had a nice walk through the streets and loads of treats to share once we got home.

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