Wednesday, November 28, 2018

The Real Thing

Celebrating the end of Prohibition (90 years ago)

Song and dance were the name of the game at NEAT's Speakeasy 2018
Sometimes the universe allows good things to happen to good people. Tiffany is a good person and last Thursday night she showed it. After a year of dreaming and months of preparation, she got the acts together and got the people motivated to dress up and have fun (What, in Germany? Well, OK, if I must.). Musicians and dancers graced the stage of the Theater am Olgaeck for over two hours of song and dance like I've never heard about - much less experienced - in Stuttgart.

Nelly, the proprietor of the Theater am Olgaeck, joined in the fun.

Friends from the mafia brought in plenty of moonshine

Anika Kopfüber's flappers flapped

Salvatore sang about Carina...and a lot of other girls!
Three ladies - a blonde, a brunette and a red-head! Prego!

The Nonos accompanied Tiffany throughout the evening

The musical star, Kimberly Trees, treated the audience to a couple of hot numbers.

Janine Grellscheid brought Cabaret to the Speakeasy!

Max Oisin added a couple of jazz standards in his inimitable style.

Adrienne Sorg provided us with a Vie en rose

Tiffany and Salvatore performed "I Can't Give You Anything But Love, Baby"

Sylvia Owens sang her heart out with "Oh When the Saints Go Marchin' In"

As the night drew to a close, even the aisles became part of the dance floor

It was a total performance with the audience having as much fun as those on stage.

The after-party chill-down was at Hillson's Bar, where Applaus Gin provided us with a taste of their finest liquor.

I guess you had to be there!

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  1. These are truly wonderful! I don't know where so many people got dresses from the 20's!