Sunday, September 27, 2015

Water, water everywhere!

Eighteen months ago when I was looking for a place in Europe to visit with my family, a very wise old neighbor said, "If you have children, you have to have water." How right she was. Thank you, Doris!
So last summer we went to the coast of Holland for a wonderful vacation. This past August we were back in Richmond, VA, where my mother, step-mother, sisters, their families and good friends live. If they were not a good enough reason to visit, there are also the enticing watering holes there - and I'm not talking about how the city has become well known recently for its plethora of craft beers!

We went to two nice, refreshing pools, which were perfect for cooling off and - literally - getting our feet wet. Rougher waters were yet to come!

Our next aqua-venture was on Lake Chesdin, the dammed up part of the Appomattox River south of Richmond. My sister and her friend, Jimmy, were boating on the lake that day and invited us to join them. He pulled our two big kids on a raft made for that purpose. I was scared to death that they'd get bounced out on their heads. Well, they did but both came up laughing and wanted to do it again!

As we flew by the shores of the lake, the waves rippled out from under us and created beautiful patterns of light and shadow.

When we got home, I went down to the James River and was greeted by a wonderful sunset behind the Huguenot Bridge.

More photos from the James will follow in my next post. Stay tuned!


  1. the life and the serenity of water - you render them both beautifully !thank you for sharing..

  2. Thank you for having a look, Uka! We realized how relaxing water is for us during this last vacation!