Tuesday, June 17, 2014

American Days 2014, Exhibitions 1 & 2

Last month I was able to reap the rewards from months (and years) of work. I was privileged to be asked to show in four exhibitions at one time.
The first was in the prison in Heimsheim (no cameras allowed, thus no pictures here), where I showed five of my black/white prints from my recent street photography production. This one was chosen to hang in the front hall where visitors go in and out. I had actually chosen the theme "In and out" for my images, and came up with a group that worked well together.

The next show went up at the DAZ as part of the American Days celebration. There I hung four pictures I had been aching to show because I liked them so much. They are not like anything I had ever done or seen before, so I was curious to see people's reactions.

I received many favorable comments on the photographs, most people wanting to know how exactly I had made them.

Last weekend I cooked something similar and took many more photos under better lighting conditions. Here is one of those.

The opening of the show was a big deal. A colonel from the US military base came and gave an interesting speech about German art. Two young girls from a local music school played Chopin's "Variations on a Theme from Cinderella" and kept our attention throughout their playing.

There was plenty to eat and drink, but it was hot and crowded. Most people were there to appreciate the art and the camaraderie of the evening, but there were also some people off the streets who were there primarily for the free food. And I guess that's fair. We had enough to go around. For those of you who have never been to an opening and are not sure how to avoid a faux pas, here is a list.

Since the opening was early in the evening, my entire family was able to come. I appreciate the support my family offers me in my artistic endeavors. I'm looking forward to continuing to work with them in the arts.

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