Thursday, April 18, 2013

Das Frühlingsfest kommt

Even though many would doubt that spring is ever going to come this year, the Frühlingsfest will open on Saturday, April 20, come rain or shine. A few sunny days had us all thinking the seasons had changed, but this month is going to go out like the lion it came in on.

Nevertheless, the workers are preparing for the throngs of tourists who will want to ride the roller coasters and ferris wheels until they taste their beer again.

If someone asks you what the typical food is here in Stuttgart, Brenda would answer "1/2 chicken, pork steak and Swabian ravioli."

For those who just want a little snack, "almonds, nuts and nuts" are popular as well.

And what would such a Volksfest be without having the opportunity to drink yourself and the others under the table? Beer doesn't seem to offer enough of a kick any more, so pallets of sweet-tasting peach and plum schnapps are being delivered to give the young revelers something to smash on the ground once they've left the beer tents.

I'll probably meet up with a group of photographers around sundown to take some pictures of the fair in the evening, once the party is really swinging. That's no time for kids to be there, but every year I see dozens of children there until the lights go off.

With all the colors and lights and lines, it is indeed a feast for the eyes. Come out and enjoy it!

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