Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Find it and shoot it!

Find it and shoot it! 

Once you find a good motif, take as many pictures of it as you can. "Shoot it to death," some might say. You know what I'm talking about. Perfect light, great models, plenty of time. A photographer's dream, right? I found that combination at the zoo last month, but I've also run across such motifs in the city and even at home.

Sometimes the "models" give you more than you asked for!

The light may change, giving the photographer and the viewers a new look at the monkeys.

I didn't think grooming was supposed to hurt.

After observing the alpha male running around the enclosure for a while, I was able to anticipate when it would jump.

If I had continued with my studies of biology, I might be able to tell you what the large male was trying to convey to the female, but I'll bet she understood his intention without a graduate degree.

The little monkeys were trying to climb up the steep cliff to where the others were sitting. When the one on the left slipped and fell, the other couldn't do much but hold on and watch.

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