Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Walking from home to the Neckar

Walking from home to the Neckar

Sunday was a beautiful day, so I took our toddler for a walk in her stroller down to the Neckar. When the light is right, there's nothing that isn't fun to photograph.

The 1950s-style diner in the parking lot of a motorcycle parts superstore  provides interesting reflections.

Once we got down to the river, the autumnal light was in full force, urging me to notice nature's wonders.

The island in the river is home to an outdoor pool complex, which is protected by a row of poplar trees.

One bank near the island is home to the Suttgarter-Cannstatter Ruderclub, where rowers start and finish their trips up and down the river.

Walking back from Untert├╝rkheim through Wangen, one can see lots of stone heads peering out from the facades of the old apartment buildings. It's worth a walk through there just to see the sculptures. 

And there are always interesting surprises around nearly every corner, such as this entrance to an office building.

And finally, here's a quiz for you. Can you guess what this is?
What is this?