Monday, March 28, 2011

Julia's baptism

Julia's baptism

This past weekend we baptized Julia April in the Gaisburg Lutheran church, which is where Fiona was baptized as well. There were several well-equipped photographers in attendance, so these pictures are mostly theirs (M. Volz and B. Demmer). A wonderful collection of Jim Palik's photos can be viewed on his website.

A neighbor said to Bianca recently, "Oh, a younger third child! Third children are the ones you can really enjoy. You work so hard with the first one, then you struggle to juggle two. By the time you get to number three, you know how to do everything. Enjoy her!"

Julia responded to the first notes from the organ with keyboard-like arm movements. When Bianca's choir, Stimma Dizza, performed, she scooted right up front to help conduct.

Dear friends of our served as Julia's godparents. Barbara and Bianca sang in a church choir together when they were in their teens. Christine and I went to William and Mary together and have been in close contact ever since she moved to Germany in 1989, a year before me.

We had a wonderful brunch up in the woods behind our house at a Turkish-run retreat house, the Waldheim Raichberg (check it out!). There Julia was showered with gifts and attention.

Our friend Jim enjoyed giving Julia some special grandfatherly attention.

For once I was paying more attention to my daughter than to my Sony.

A power nap at two o'clock was enough to get her through the day just fine. I've never seen a baby enjoy a day as much as Julia did this one! And I think that helped everyone involved enjoy it that much more.

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  1. Love that comment about the younger third child. Of course we ended up with TWINS, which kinda kicked that theory in the butt for US!

    That's the explanation for why we are STILL considering number five though - betting on odds that it COULDN"T POSSIBLY be multiples again, right?!

    You kinda figure the last one will basically raise herself! And, since none of the others perished from lack of nutrition and they all learned to read despite having twin siblings - well, honestly, how hard can it be?!

    Famous last words. Love the photos though - looks like you are having ablast with her!