Thursday, February 3, 2011

The Creative Life

Four windows

The creative life can leave you temporarily if you let it go. Some days you may not feel like drawing, singing or taking your camera with you. "No," you think, "today I'm not feeling creative." But you ARE creative all the time. It is just a question of the following equation: attitude + manifestation = creativity. No one else is necessarily involved in the equation, especially not critics. "What would others think if I wrote about this or photographed that?" Nonsense! Don't listen to these policemen in your head. Just go ahead and follow your positive inner voice, allowing it to get out and create. Find a (physical and mental) space for being creative and then use the tools at your disposal for manifesting the idea.

The picture above was taken right before I walked into a photo store to turn in an expensive lens for a repair. "One last picture with the Zeiss lens?" I thought as I backed up on the sidewalk opposite this new building. The picture was recently chosen by a photo editor friend of mine as one of her favorites in my collection! You never know what other people will like - but it doesn't really matter as long as you enjoy it!

Building and cement pump
So show the work that thrills you (not necessarily what you think will thrill others) and let the fans start lining up to get your autograph!


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  1. Danke, Jim, das hab ich heute gebraucht. Ausgelaugt von der Arbeit hab ich wieder ein bisschen Energie getankt bei dir.

    Liebe Grüße von Monika