Thursday, November 18, 2010

Autumn in the park
If you take enough pictures, some of them will turn out well. I guess it really doesn't hurt to have a beautiful day with trees bleeding fall colors on every branch to serve as your background. The fact that the kids had forgotten that I was there - or at least had other things on their minds - adds the sense of spontaneity to this shot that makes it special. 
This year the autumn stretched into the beginning of November, as it did last year, before the rains beat the leaves from the trees. After taking so many fall pictures last year, I found myself this year not at all interested in photographing the fall foliage as a motif an sich. But there have been many opportunities to capture these colors in the uniquely warm light this past month. My subjects were often my children.

But of course, they like turning the camera on me sometimes, too.

Sometimes I try to put my subject in a context.

Other times the action - or some other element - of the picture is all the context it needs to make it an eye-catcher.

This last one reminds me of the type of picture seen in magazines in the 1970s. Maybe it is that nostalgic aspect that I like about it.