Saturday, August 7, 2010

Fiona’s seventh birthday

My big daughter celebrated her seventh birthday a month ago. She had a dozen girlfriends over to our house on a hot July day and celebrated by dancing to Shakira’s “Waka-waka” song, which was ubiquitous on German radio during the World Cup Soccer tournament. She got TWO copies of the CD single for her birthday!

Despite the heat, the girls learned the dance from Bianca and Fiona, who had practiced it beforehand. The choreography is Bianca’s own.

We used our inner patio as the place for the table where the presents are put until it’s opening time. Fiona really enjoyed all the gifts!


  1. I DID IT! I'm in. Wish I could have been the first...but then again, second to Liz isn't a bad place to be either! Have already perused a bunch of the last few days...honestly never appreciated how the visual image could portray a story. Thanks for continuning to inspire. I'll have to give Mahler a listen....just not ready for Phil Collins yet. (Although I do admit to enjoying his Disney work.) All the teasing is my way of saying "wow". Really inspirational.

  2. Oh - you might want to get an editing mode on the comments section. In case unedited me isn't appreciated. SOrry about that!

  3. Thanks for your comment about the (his)story aspect of images. I think that's a big part of my inspiration for taking pictures. I want to tell the story by capturing key moments.
    _Making_ pictures, on the other hand, has more to do with visualization, creating an artistic work, taking your time. That is becoming the second side to my photography.