Thursday, July 8, 2010

Worldwide Photo Walk in Stuttgart, July 24, 2010

This year our walk will take us through the picturesque East End of Stuttgart. In the late afternoon (5:45 p.m.) we will meet on the steps of the Mercedes Museum.

After gathering and introducing ourselves, we'll take the museum with us 12 million pixels at a time as we walk along the Mercedes Strasse past the soccer stadium, which is currently under construction.

So those of you who like photographing architecture will have your fun bending the lines, capturing the light and stretching the limits of your imagination as we wander on to the next building, where a spectacle awaits us: The Gala Opening of Christopher Street Day in Stuttgart.

A red carpet such as this one will be filled with flamboyant figures from Germany's colorful gay and lesbian scene as they enter the Carl-Benz-Center for an evening of entertainment. After our paparazzi descent, we will move on past more eye-catching architecture toward the Neckar River.

The Neckar provides us with a contrast, showing its natural colors and curves as we cross the bridge that leads to Gaisburg.

Entering Gaisburg, we will pass the landmark of Stuttgart-Ost, the 50-year-old 102.5-meter tall gas holding tank.

When we will pass through a colorful part of town known for its slaughter houses. Walking up an ancient-looking stairway, we will see the heavenly Gaisburg Lutheran Church around the corner at the top. With its beautiful organ and world-class organist, the church serves Stuttgart as a popular place for concerts. The new pastor promises to bring some life to the Sunday services. The view from the tower at sunset is a sight to behold.

Finally, we will work our way back down the hill from the church to the beer garden of the new Schweine-Museum, which is housed in the old slaughter house. During the World Cup, fans filled the beer garden. When we arrive, the museum will open especially for us so that we can  photograph the interesting exhibits inside.

We will turn off our cameras and retire to the beer garden for a well-earned rest.
For those who still have the energy, the Lange Ost-Nacht will present bands and other events throughout this side of town until late into the night.


  1. I was going to ask you about this when I saw the link to your photo blog on your Facebook page. I thought about doing it (the photo walk) but it's too late and I have to be somewhere. Schade.
    You have some really fab pictures, though, here and on the previous post about the photo walk (photography exercises to prepare...). I'll have to take your suggestions and do my own photo walk!
    See you,

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