Saturday, May 1, 2010


My last post was about still lifes. This one is about living life, moving life, stirring life, touching life. This life also has two lips (like the tulips), but she also has ten fingers and ten toes. Her name is Julia April Martin and joined our family on April 20. When I looked at the picture above (which we took on April 21), it dawned on me that we now have a big family. My mother raised three children. Both of my sisters have done it. Now it's my turn.
Of course we'll have some help.

Julia has been blessed with two loving elder siblings, Fynn and Fiona. Julia's big sister is very demonstrative with her affection, giving her kisses whenever she sees her. Fynn takes time out from reading his comics in the morning to say hi.

Their first peek at her in the hospital was precious. Luckily, Bianca was doing well and I had some time off from work, so we were all relatively relaxed and could take time to come together as a family.

After three days in the hospital, Bianca and Julia came home, where our little daughter was greeted by new smells, sounds, temperatures, humidity and rhythms. She mastered the new within 24 hours.

Of course it is easier to acclimatize when everyone is trying to make you feel at home.

Welcome, Julia!

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