Wednesday, March 24, 2010

First model shooting

This was naturally not the first time I had ever photographed a person. Nor was it the first time I had ever photographed a beautiful woman; I have hundreds of pictures of my wife. But this was the first time someone had posed for me who also wanted the best results from the pictures and was patient enough to sit still and look into the sun until I had the camera settings right. We tried various poses, backgrounds, lighting effects and moods. In a nutshell: If fun is worth anything in life, I've found my calling.
I love the pastel color combinations in the first photograph. The lighting also turned out lovely.

Out on the balcony we tried to take advantage of the back-lighting that the morning sun provided. A flash angled in her direction provided the catch-light in her eyes and the fill-light on her face.

A large soft-box would have provided a bigger catch-light in her eyes, making them look even more attractive. Otherwise, I don't see much to complain about here.

I must say that the movie-star look becomes her very nicely.

And the close-up profile with a f1:1.7 50mm lens caught her at her best while looking out the window.

Stay tuned for future postings!

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