Monday, February 1, 2010

Tomorrow is 2/2/2010, a day that means the beginning of the end of Stuttgart as we know it. For the next X years (fill in a number you are comfortable with between 10 and 100), our city will be home to the largest construction project in Europe. If that and the €4bn price-tag aren't enough to brag about, we'll have a tunnel dug right under our house! I can't wait to step out of my basement office and hitch a ride with the Eurostar to Bucharest!
A collection of signatures wasn't enough to stop the project, nor were protests from citizens and even from the descendants of the train station's architect. No one knows what the city will look - and feel - like when it is done, but the plans show an underground train station with a thriving residential business park on the land where 16 tracks now enter the terminal.
Please stay tuned for more updates on this monumental project.

If Warhol were here, he might have had this to say about the project:
Or perhaps this:

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